2014 - Vol. 31, Nš 2
Azathioprine and Methotrexate impaired the morphology and functions of the testes in adult wistar rats
Akinlolu, A. A.; Akinola, O. B.; Khobe, P.; Obasi, K.; Dada, O.
2014 - Vol. 31, Nš 2
Spondias mombin promotes gastric mucosa and lipid profile status in gastric ulcerationa
Akinlolu, A. A.; Ghazali, K. O.; Ameen, O. M.; Odewabi, A. O.
2013 - Vol. 31, Nš 2
The eye of the crepuscular rodent rock cavy (Kerodon rupestris) (Wied, 1820)
Oliveira, F. G.; Andrade-da-Costa, B. L. S.; Cavalcante, J. S.; Silva, S. F.; Soares, J. G.; Lima, R. R. M.; Nascimento Junior, E. S.; Cavalcante, J. C.; Resende, N. S.; Costa, M. S. M. O.
2014 - Vol. 31, Nš 2
Electromyographic study on the sternocleidomastoid and pectoralis major muscles during respiratory activity in humans
Nepomuceno, V. R.; Nepomuceno, E. M.; Regalo, S. C. H.; Souza, R. R.
2014 - Vol. 31, Nš 2
Magnetic resonance imaging of the temporomandibular joint acquired using different parameters
Alonso, M. B. C. C.; Gamba, T. O.; Lopes, S. L. P. C.; Cruz, A. D.; Freitas, D. Q.; Haiter-Neto, F.
2014 - Vol. 31, Nš 2
Variations of Gerdy’s tubercle, proposal of a morphologicalclassification: Anatomical study and its clinical importance
Sunita Kalra; Puja Chauhan; Ankit Khandelwal; Pooja Rani
2014 - Vol. 31, Nš 2
Rare variation in arterial branching of celiac trunk with three aberrant hepatic arteries – Case report
Rachana, K.; Sampath Madhystha; Vasudha Saralaya; Teresa Joy; Premchandran, Divya; Santhosh Rai
2014 - Vol. 31, Nš 2
Morphologic aspects of the genital tract from Nellore cows undergoing gynecological screening to insertion in the fixed-time artificial insemination (TAI) program
Mello, R. R. C.; Mello, M. R. B.; Abidu-Figueiredo, M.; Scherer, P. O.; Palhano, H. B.
2014 - Vol. 31, Nš 2
Sucralose induced pancreatic toxicity in albino rats: Histomorphological evidence
Gupta, S.; Kalra, S.; Bharihoke, V.; Dhurandhar, D.