Vol. 29, N║ 2

Anatomy of the first spinal nerve – a review

Deivis de Campos; Mayara LetÝcia Goerck; Joel Henrique Ellwanger; Raquel Oliveira Corbellini; Rafael Henrique Hoelscher; ManassÚs Soares Souza; Alexandre Rieger

KEYWORDS: neuroanatomy, spinal nerve, first cervical nerve

ABSTRACT: In this simple review we discuss some important anatomical and functional aspects of the first cervical nerve (C1). The C1 has considerable clinical importance, and the particulars of this nerve are conflicting among several authors, thus, the present review shall be essential for health sciences and those who keep some interest in pathologies associated with the nerves of the neck. For the preparation of this text were consulted papers published in English and textbooks. The articles were accessed from a basic search on SciELO, MEDLINE, PubMed, LILACS, Google Scholar and ScienceDirect.