Vol. 29, Nš 4

Celiac artery with a pulmonary branch in dog: a rare variation

Roza, M. S.; Marinho, G. C.; Pereira, J. A.; Salvador-Gomes, M.; Abidu-Figueiredo, M.

KEYWORDS: variation, celiac artery, dog

ABSTRACT: Hepatic, lienal and left gastric arteries are the "classical branches" of the celiac artery in dogs. This report describes a rare case in which the celiac artery emitted a branch to the caudal lobe of the right lung in an adult male mongred dog. The celiac artery and its proximal branches were dissected in situ, and measured with a digital pachymeter.This vascular variation was not previously known in the canine species. The knowledge about the presence of the celiac artery variations in dogs will contribute to a better understanding of the anatomical alterations that can occur in the vascularization of the abdominal region in dogs. The report is also important for angiographic, surgical and clinical procedures that involve this region.