Vol. 30, Nš 3

Unusual veins in the neck – a case report

Shetty, S. D.; Nayak, S. R.; Kumar, N.; Sapna Marpalli; Madahv, V.

KEYWORDS: external jugular vein, facial vein, anterior jugular vein, transverse cervical vein, variation

ABSTRACT: Variations of the superficial veins of the neck are very common. Some of the variations may cause problems in invasive techniques or bleed significantly even with a small cut in the skin. We present some unusual variations of the superficial veins of the neck. The right facial, external jugular and suprascapular veins joined to form a large vein which terminated into the junction between internal jugular and subclavian veins. The right transverse cervical vein terminated into the internal jugular vein. A subcutaneous vein ascended superficial to sternum and joined the left anterior jugular vein. Left anterior jugular vein terminated by opening into the right internal jugular vein. The left anterior jugular vein and the right transverse cervical vein communicated with each other in front if the right internal jugular vein.