Vol. 31, Nš 1

Coexistence of anomalies in the termination of facial artery and the origin of transverse facial artery. A case report

Chauhan, P.; Kalra, S.

KEYWORDS: facial artery, transverse facial artery, inferior labial artery, facial flap, facial vein

ABSTRACT: Several studies in the past have shown variations in the vessels of facial region. Facial artery may show variations in its origin, course, termination and branching pattern. Undocumented termination of facial artery as inferior labial artery and transverse facial artery emerging as a branch of maxillary artery was observed in the present study. Also, associated with it two distinct facial veins were also observed. To our knowledge, coexistence of this anomalous branching pattern has not been reported in the literature. A thorough knowledge about normal as well as variant vascular anatomy is crucial for interpretation of various interventional vascular procedures and performing surgical explorative procedures in this region including plastic surgery.