Vol. 33, Nº 1

Pattern analysis and distribution of the superior mesenteric artery branches in corpses in a death survey service

Pereira, A. K. F. T. C.; Aires Neto, S. A.; Silva Neto, E. J.; Franca, H. A.; Negromonte, G. R. P.; Lucena, R. R. L.; Maia, A. D.; França, C. C. N. L.

KEYWORDS: superior mesenteric artery, sex, ethnic groups.

ABSTRACT: Introduction: The distribution pattern of the superior mesenteric artery (SMA) varies in the studies described by the literature. Objectives: To establish the variation pattern for the Brazilian population as well as to compare this distribution according to sex and ethnic groups. Materials and Methods: A total of 41 corpses were dissected in the Death Survey Service of Paraíba (SVO/PB), and the variation patterns were analyzed by comparing sex and ethnic groups by means of the statistical program SPSS 21.0. Results and Conclusion: From the 41 dissected corpses, 43,9%, n=18 were classified as normal, standard type 1, 7,3%, n=3, standard type 2, 24,3%, n=10, standard type 3, 14,6%, n=6, standard type 4, 9,7%, n=4, standard type 5, 9,7%, n=4. Statistically significant variations of the SMA patterns in relation to sex and ethnic groups were not found. The described patterns should be verified in order to inform and lead the health professionals in relation to the patient´s care, especially in the surgical scope.