Vol. 33, N║ 1

Musculoskeletal analysis of masticatory system arising from malocclusion: literature review

Casarin, C. A. S.; Palma, R. K.; Arsa, G.; Andrade, E. L.; Leite, G. S.; Bocalini, D. S.; Serra, A. J.; Suzuki, F. S.; Paulo Henrique Ferreira Caria

KEYWORDS: masseter muscle, temporalis muscle, bone density, malocclusion.

ABSTRACT: Introduction: The malocclusion can be defined as any change in the natural position of contact between the teeth and the arcades format that affects the morphofunctional architecture of the masticatory system of individuals affected by such condition. The aim of this study was to review the literature and to investigate the morphofunctional changes of the mandible and masticatory muscles as result of malocclusion. Material and Methods: This study consisted of a systematic review and the search for the theoretical composition was performed in the Lilacs, PubMed and Scielo database using as descriptors the words Malocclusion, Mandible, Masticatory Muscles and as filters the words Abstract Available, English Language, Humans, Rats. Results:áThis research allowed the authors to assert that the occlusal alterations are capable of causing morphological and functional modifications in the mandible and masticatory muscles. Conclusion: Given these aspects, it was possible to highlight the malocclusion as an aggravating factor at quality of life.