Vol. 33, Nș 1

Staining of elastic and muscle fibers to morphometric studies in Chelonia mydas

Braz, J. K. F. S.; Gomes, V. L. A.; Queiroz, M. S. M.; Silva, N. B.; Moura, C. E. B.

KEYWORDS: sea turtle, histomorphology, protocol, eosin, Verhoeff.

ABSTRACT: Introduction: The present study aimed to establish the staining protocol for quantification of elastic fibers and muscle fibers in arterial vessels through the Verhoeff method adapted with eosin in Chelonia mydas. Materials and Methods: Aorta and pulmonary arteries of 11 individuals of the species Chelonia mydas were used. The fragments were fixed in formaldehyde solution buffered 10% for 24 hours, subjected to routine histological processing and staining technique to be adapted Verhoeff, take the photografies and analyzed by Image Pro Plus Software. Results: The combination of ferric hematoxylin Verhoeff use blushed black elastic arteries blades, already eosin stained muscle fibers and collagen, allowing the tissue quantification through distinction staining by software. Conclusion: The protocol is a low-cost alternative that facilitate the acquisition of morphometric data for research with turtles.