Vol. 33, Nļ 2

A study of the clinico-anatomical variations in the shape and size of gallbladder

Nadeem, G.

KEYWORDS: gallbladder, cystic duct, Hartmanís pouch.

ABSTRACT: Introduction: The structure and size of gallbladder, itís normal and a variation are forming an interesting field of study, and has gained importance Anatomically and Surgically. The gallbladder surgeries have drawn the attraction of surgeons because of lot of interesting and numerous variations present in them. Materials and Methods: The study was carried on 100 gallbladder from cadavers of all age groups. Results: In our study, the length of the gallbladder ranged from 4.5-11.6 cm, breadth from 2.7-5.2 cm. The shapes of the gallbladder varied from pear (82.85%), Hartmanís pouch (7.14%), cylindrical (2.86%), flask shaped (2.86%), hour glass (1.43%), bilobed (1.43%) and irregular (1.43%). Some gallbladders with mesentery (1.30%) and horizontally placed (4.30%) gallbladders were also found. Conclusion: The findings showed various anatomical variations pertaining to shape and position, which are to be taken into account for radiological study, Investigative procedures, surgical interventions, clinical implications and comparative anatomy.