Vol. 33, Nš 3

Morphological pattern of Crista terminalis, Musculi pectinati and Taenia sagittalis with applied significance

Rastogi, R.; Budhiraja, V.; Jain, S. K.; Sharma, N.; Garg, R.; Nafees, H.

KEYWORDS: crista terminalis, musculi pectinati, taenia sagittalis

ABSTRACT: Introduction: Crista terminalis is a fibromuscular vertical ridge of smooth myocardium within the right atrium of the heart. Material and Methods: We examined eighty human hearts obtained from the cadaver to see morphological pattern of Crista terminalis, Musculi pectinati and Taenia sagittalis. In 40% cases musculi pectinati oriented perpendicular to the Crista terminalis followed by Parallel in 18.75%. We also observed single and multiple trunks of Taenia sagittalis in 56.25% and 6.25% cases respectively. In the present study we tried to provide a guideline of gross morphological arrangement of principal muscular bundles for the interventional operator so that they have precise anatomical information prior to interventional procedure.