Vol. 33, Nš 3

Demonstration of reticulin fibres in the epididymis of adult male wistar rats (Rattus norvegicus)

Ukwenya, V. O.; Ashaolu, O. J.; Alese, O.; Oluyemi, K. A.; Ojo, G.; Ashamu, E.

KEYWORDS: connective tissue, epididymis, reticulin fibres, tunica vaginalis, Wistar rats.

ABSTRACT: Introduction: The epididymis is a tube of smooth muscle lined by a pseudostratified epithelium; the duct is lined by smooth muscle and the stroma is made up of connective tissue. Reticulin fibres are fine fibres that contain primarily collagen type III that are secreted by reticular cells and are traditionally thought to be present only in soft blood-forming tissues such as kidney, liver, bone marrow and organs of the lymphatic system such as thymus. Methods: This work demonstrates for the first time the presence of reticulin fibres in the epididymis of adult male Wistar rats using silver impregnation method. Results: The results show reticulin fibres around the peritubular ductal walls and in the connective tissue stroma. Conclusion: The presence of reticulin fibres within the epididymal connective tissue may have effect on contractility, assisting the movement of sperms from the caput portion of the duct to the caudal part.