Vol. 34, Nš 1

An investigation of virgin variation of branching pattern of ECA and CCA: a case report


KEYWORDS: common carotid, external carotid artery, quadrification, trifurcation, branching pattern.

ABSTRACT: Introduction: Common carotid and its two major branches, external and internal carotid arteries form arterial network for blood supply in the head and neck region. Variations in configuration and branching pattern of these arteries change the irrigation pattern and complicate the identification of specific arteries during surgical intervention coupled with imagery interpretation for diagnosis. Though handful variations have been documented yet there is strong need to report unusual, new and virgin organization of configuration and branching pattern in these arteries. Case Report: During dissection of head and neck region, anomalous branching pattern consisting of bilateral trifurcation/quadrification of common and external carotid arteries and abnormal trifurcation of distal external carotid artery was observed. Conclusion: Lack of knowledge of these variants in branching configuration may lead to unfortunate differential diagnosis and iatrogenic complications.