Vol. 34, Nš 4

Double inferior vena cava and associated venous anomalies: a case report


KEYWORDS: double inferior vena cava, double suprarenal veins, double right testicular veins, venous anomalies

ABSTRACT: Introduction: Double inferior vena cava and associated venous anomalies are rare. Materials and Methods: In the present case study, during routine cadaveric dissection of the retroperitoneal region, an interesting venous anomalies was seen in the retroperitoneal region of a 70 years old embalmed male cadaver from the department of Anatomy, Khon Kaen University, Thailand. Results: I describe here a case of double inferior vena cava (IVC) associated with double left suprarenal veins (LSRV) and double right testicular veins (RTV). Double IVC were connected with the transverse interiliac vein. While the upper LSRV is a tributary of IVC, the lower LSRV is a tributary of the left renal vein. Right testicular vein bifurcate at about the height of iliac cristae to form medial and lateral RTVs, which drain into right IVC at different heights. All these duplication and associated anomalies are assumed to occur during embryological development. Conclusion: These anomalies are rare, but the knowledge about the possibilities of such anomalies is of great importance during retroperitoneal surgeries, and interventional radiology.